Life in General

Boy! This year has moved fast! Once the kids came home I forgot all about writing. Started a new school and we couldn't  be happier. The kids grades have improved already! Enough about kids. I have been reading a lot online. there are some fantastic stories out there. I gotta stop reading so much!

It's been a week

I did next to nothing for almost a week! Last night I went out to dinner and to the movies.We saw Hellboy2. I think it was pretty good. It definitely will have a third. But I think this will be the start of me getting out of the house without the kids. I'm going over to a friends house today! I apparently just needed a kick in the pants. Thanks for listening.
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Kids are Gone

Well the kids are gone for four weeks to my brothers. I miss them terribly but I'm glad they are gone. They love going there. They do so much with them. I am bored. I am so used to them being here. Even if we aren't doing anything I don't feel bored.I didn't even realize the extent of it.
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